Botley: A Great Fun Way To Learn Coding For Very Young Kids, No Screen Required

Botley is definitely the one to beat in this robot-based learning for coding toys world. As the newest member of the Learning Resources Family, Botley the Coding Robot is here to introduce coding in an easy, friendly way. 

Children as young as 5 can learn to code with Botley, and with his advanced features, he can grow with them for many years to come. Botley is ready to use right out of the box, so he will have kids coding in minutes. Botley uses 5 AAA batteries. 

Botley is 100% screen free; no phone or tablet required. Explore Botley's advanced features and code him for up to 80 steps, with 40 more you can discover. Botley includes a one-piece activity set, which includes coding cards, detachable arms, interactive obstacles, and code games that are ready for endless hours of fun and learning. 

Botley has a line following sensor on the bottom and a proximity sensor between its eyes. It has four LED lights on the top and two motors on its wheels to move and turn. It also has an infrared receiver to communicate with its Remote Programmer, which is the device used to program Botley. 

With Botley, you have two game modes: Code and Line Following. In Code mode, use the buttons on the Remote Programmer to tell Botley what action to take. You can make Botley go forward, turn right, turn left, and go in reverse. With the if/then logic programming, you can make Botley detect and avoid objects in its path. You can also learn what a Loop is and how to program Botley to repeat a sequence of steps. In the Line Following mode, Botley follows a black line that you can also draw.

Learning coding With Botley helps kids foster creativity and develop problem solving, critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as learning directional concepts. 

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