Sphero: A Robotics Toy You Can Use To Learn Coding From Basic To Advance Uses

Sphero RVR is basically an all-terrain, highly programmable, infinitely-expandable robot. The robot built and inspired by educators, students, hackers, and makers like you. Sphero is a programmable robot, this all-terrain robot is built for customization. Code with it, build on it and hack the robot of your dreams. With RVR, you can go anywhere and do anything. Recommended for ages 8 and up to almost all range of age. 

Sphero RVR allows you to customize and code an all-terrain vehicle which sits on a pair of treads and packs a series of onboard sensors like IR, light, and color as well as an accelerometer, and gyroscope. Drive anywhere with RVR’s powerful motor, all-terrain treads, and high torque. This bot is packed with many advanced robot sensors that you can code and hack. You can also play educational games, create your own and learn how to program through play-based learning in the app. 

The best part is that RVR can be integrated with other popular robotics platform out there. Hack RVR and transform your robot into almost anything. With RVR’s 4-pin UART expansion port and on-board power, you can attach and run third-party hardware like a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit, or Sphero littleBits. Want RVR to be your home security sentry, an autonomous metal detector or an environmental sensor you can control over the internet? Chances are, if you can hack it, RVR can do it.

Overall, the Sphero RVR is a rugged easy to use but extremely robust programmable platform. It can move quickly, hold a ton of pieces, and with its expandability, via the developer plate, it will make an excellent platform for learning how to code and expanding creativity. (9to5toys.com)

What’s in the RVR robot box? RVR mobile robot. Removable cover plate and developer plate with quick-release button . Removable, protective roll cage. Removable and rechargeable battery. Universal, 4-Pin UART expansion port for connecting 3rd party hardware like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or micro:bit (products sold separately). 5V 2.1A USB-A onboard connectivity to power your projects using RVR’s battery. Sphero Edu app (available for download on iOS, Android, and Chrome OS).

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